Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Crock Pot: Potato Soup or Vichyssoise or Not?

Thanks to all for your helpful suggestions.  I finally purchased a crock pot.  Since I planned to use it mostly for soups right now, I went with a basic Rival pot because it looked good.  The insert is black.  The outside is silver.  It has a Hi and a Low setting and a lid to see through.  It was cheap!

There are times when I follow a soup recipe fairly well.  Most times, I don't.  So, going with what was on hand, I give you the first effort.  On hand:  Two medium sized leeks, one large sweet onion, one large shallot and two cloves of garlic.  I sliced all the bulbs thinly and sautéed them in a little olive oil, adding the garlic the last minute.  I scraped all into the crock pot, added one large russet potato, peeled and diced, and four cups of chicken stock and a bay leaf.  Most recipes for anything in the pot say "cook on low".  Hmmm, o.k.!

Fairly soon, the pot was bubbling away and the house was filled with delicious aromas.  It was a comfortable feeling thinking all that was left before eating the soup was a quick puree and the addition of milk or half and half.  Some salt and pepper to taste.  I used the immersion blender and pureed it right in the pot.  I tasted.  It wasn't good!  I added more salt, a salt-free blend and pepper.  Then a cup of milk/half and half.  We had a bowl of tolerable potato soup.  There was quite a bit leftover (as planned for the freezer).  Should it just be tossed out?  NO!  The Baker came to the rescue!  I had a late afternoon meeting.  He said he'd take care of dinner.

I give you the once insipid soup after he added about a cup of grated sharp cheddar, heated until the cheese melted and the soup was piping hot.  He topped with crispy bacon bits.


The "paragraph-style recipe" is a throwback to Gourmet when I started subscribing.  One had to read the whole recipe to glean out the ingredients.  It was annoying!  I think it was in the mid-80s before they started listing ingredients at the beginning of a recipe.  So much better.


  1. The Baker to the rescue! Your soup / his soup looks comforting and delicious.

  2. It sounds like the Baker had a terrific idea on how to rescue the soup. It is definitely soup weather here in New Hampshire and a good of the soup would be nice.

  3. i was thinking as i read that i would not like this soup, but when the Baker stepped in, that soup sounds wonderful.. the good thing about soup is anything we have will make soup... i have been looking at crock pots.. thanks for the tips on yours.

  4. An interesting fact about recipes. I HATE it when the recipe is not listed at the bottom!! It does look good now! Also, put a roast in and then a bit of beef broth, carrots and celery, maybe some dry onion soup. Glad to know you finally got a good one and for a crazy low price!! Have fun experimenting!

  5. I am always disappointed when something tastes bland and ....well ...not :"Ahhhh.. this is sooo good"!
    I prefer not eating it..really..
    Great rescue..Bacon and cheese!

  6. Speaking of soup . . . I made a chicken no idle the other day. Amish noodles . . . Usually it works out just fine but this time I must have put in too many noodles . . . SO . . . I had to make up another batch of carrots, onions, celery, chicken, garlic and broth to dismiss some of the "noodle affect" . . . It worked . . .
    But . . . . chicken soup mega . . . not my favorite. Neighbors aren't complaining and guess what we are having for dinner!

  7. I went off on a chicken noodle tangent and I hope you figure out that first iPad misspelled "noodle, no idle" word!

  8. Grated sharp cheddar makes anything taste better! Your soup looks positively scrumptious!

    i love that it is getting to be soup weather. Soup, a slice of bread, and a green salad is one of my favorite meals.


  9. I had a type of potato soup today too! I like that yours had bacon:@)

  10. Sunday night I found a container of potato leek soup in the freezer, leftover from an early spring day of making soups. I must say it was much than I remembered. I remember it being mediocre. Oh I need to take out my crockpot. It is the perfect kitchen appliance for a teacher. If she would only take it out!!!!!

  11. Hi, I used to use a crock pot ALOT when I worked fulltime and when the kids were home. It was wonderful to come home and have dinner ready after a long day of working.... I loved it for some beef pot roast with all kinds of veggies.. YUM....

    Your 'baker' really did come to the rescue with the soup. I love cheese and bacon in my potato soup.... Delicious.


  12. Looks delicious! I can't wait for soup weather. At this point, I am wondering if it will ever come. I do a potato cheese soup that is so quick and easy! It uses a box of scalloped potato mix. Sounds weird, but it is gooood!
    xo Kris

  13. The paragraph style recipe would never work with bloggers, but I well remember it. Now we often just copy/paste the recipe...difficult to do when you have to sort it out.
    Gave my crock pot away years ago....now I wish I had it back. Your soup looks fabulous.

  14. I love to come home to the smell of something cooking in the crock pot. =) I have to say... bacon and cheese are great "fixers" to most any savory recipe! Good job on both your parts! It looks DELICIOUS! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Well, cheese and bacon do make everything taste better! Enjoy your crock pot! :D

  16. Yum, sounds delicious, just right for our nippy pre-fall days ! &:-)

  17. It sounds like an "old" but good recipe. And don't cheese and bacon solve many flavor problems--especially good for this soup. I think you will like your crock pot as you learn thing to make in it. The only problem is it smells so good all day long, it makes you hungry all day! :-)


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