Monday, January 12, 2015

Birthday Hot Dogs

When one has a winter birthday, celebrating long and well is important.  This year, I decided to start a little early and enjoy a rare treat on the eve of my birthday.  I wanted a hot dog.  One with all the trimmings a la Chicago style.  Hot dogs haven't been on our menu in years.  When the boys were little, we'd have the occasional hot dog lunch.  The Baker, however, isn't fond of "fillers", nitrates and nitrites.  So, I planned this far enough ahead to order all natural hot dogs from here.

You're right!  These are not hot dogs.  They are what I had for my birthday eve dinner though.  I know you think The Baker and I are on the same culinary wavelength.  Not always!  I asked him to pick up hot dog buns at the store.  Just regular hot dog buns.  He came home with Portuguese rolls.  Big, bready rolls.  When I whined lovingly stated that they wouldn't do, he explained to me how they could be cut and hollowed out a bit and..... .  No, they just wouldn't do.  The fresh hot dogs are now in the freezer for another day.  I can't wait to see what surprise dinner he will cook up for my actual birthday today.


  1. This surely looks delicious! But I hope you do get your hotdogs. I have a yearning for one on occasion. Happy Birthday!

  2. i was totally relieved when you said that is not hotdogs, thought my mind was playing tricks. LOL.. oh no on the buns... we both love hot dogs but rarely eat them. last week i bought them and buns and the hot dogs were horrible. hot dogs do not taste like they used to.. the shrimp looks great to me..

  3. Hi Bonnie, Happy Birthday to YOU.... That's funny that you mentioned hot dogs --since every once in a blue moon, I just HAVE to have me a hot dog..... How funny is that!!!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic day.

  4. A surprise dinner from him will be such fun! Be sure and let us see it. I also want to see the dog meal when you make it. Your food always looks so good, I can't imagine what you will do with the hot dogs. Grilled or boiled? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  5. Well happy birthday to you!

    We have not bought hot dogs in 100 years.Same concerns as your baker..
    In lunch with the wee ones we do them on the BBQ..because let's face it kiddies like them and 1 time is not sinful:)
    So many people love the Costco ones here and have one every time they a little treat.
    I used to put them in my little girls macaroni..Geesh the things we didn't know..
    However I have been so surprised over the course of my almost 61 years.. I have seen perfect eaters..exercisers..deveolp ill health etc...
    So enjoy that hot dog:)

  6. I thought they were funny looking hot dogs! I'm sure you'll enjoy them all that much more when you make them-Happy B-Day:@)

  7. I am glad to read those aren't hot dogs because I thought I misread something. Hope you've have a very happy birthday and get to enjoy a hot dog soon.

  8. About once a year, I like a really good hot dog. Maybe I should eat it on the eve of my birthday.

    Hope your day was lovely.


  9. Bonnie, I am chuckling because I, too, am adamant about the kind of buns for hot dogs or hamburgers... LOL! I know The Baker will create a grand feast for you! Lucky lady. Happy, Happy!! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Tell The Baker that they sell uncured, nitrite-free hot dogs now. That's all I buy for the grandsons. I do love having a hot dog lunch with them but your shrimp tacos look amazing! Again, Happy Birthday!


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