Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Winter Reads

The temperatures are now in single digits--sometimes plus and sometimes minus.  I have long been at peace with winter.  I have long been at peace with all the seasons.  Less so with summer.  I have, however, learned to tolerate the heat and humidity as long as the air conditioning is working well.

I have a shelf of books waiting to be read.

These are first up.

Bespotted by Linda Gray Sexton
Her family's love affair with 
thirty-eight dalmatians.
(Not all at once!!)

Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good by Jan Karon
I've hoarded this book since it was published!!

Providence & Rhode Island Chef's Table
Thanks Stefan and Elyssa!
We're picking out where we want to dine next visit.

A Kitchen in France
Mimi Thorisson's beautiful new cookbook.
The photography alone is worth spending an afternoon with.

As for the heavy duty reading, I'll just peruse the daily newspapers for now.  

Hope you all have some good reads for winter.


  1. For me, each season has it's pluses and minuses. At least winter has no bugs and spiders, and it is lovely to be without fear and dread for awhile. If I read these books, I would be so hungry and want to eat all the time! I have lost almost 100 pounds and hope to keep it off, but food is everywhere!

  2. i read every day of the year, no matter the seasons.. reading is my number one fun thing to do.. if i had to pick from computer, TV or reading , reading would win. and i can read no matter what is going on or where i am.. other play with their smart phones and tablets in the waiting rooms, i read on my kindle.. now i can carry 4000 books instead of one..

  3. Dear Bonnie amazing book you have there!
    I love Mimi's blog and Im sure her anazing. I hope arrive here soon!
    Nice time to read Bonnie!

  4. Sounds like some good reading and cooking! xo Catherine

  5. I'm with you on the seasons! Haven't blogged in a while, but here I am for the new year. We're in single digits also and windy! Stay warm my friend!

  6. I think there is something I love about every season..I am reading that Jan Karon book right now..:) A Kitchen In Fance is in my kitchen:)
    That's a lovely pic of your books by the way..clear clear and natural!
    Love that bunny:)

  7. Thanks for sharing your books - you have given me more to add to my list. But yet another sunny day here, so am spending time outside cleaning up the snow flattened garden area now bare again.

  8. Always good to have a stash of good
    books to read especially on a cold or
    snowy day.

    M : )

  9. Your colorful stack of books looks ... delicious.


  10. I'll soon be braving the cold in your neck of the woods- I've got a brand new grandbaby that needs to be cuddled! My teetering stack of books at my bedside will just have to wait! :)

    1. That is the best reason I can think of for braving this cold! Congratulations! Let the spoiling begin.

  11. I suspect nice stacks such as this are one of the reasons you've been so successful in making peace with the cold. =) ENJOY! And, stay cozy! blessings ~ tanna

  12. What a nice selection of reading. I can't tolerate the cold anymore. Perhaps it's my age or because I'm spoiled and made my husband promise I never had to be cold again. My MIL, a northerner who retired to Marco Island many years ago and who's now passed on, called herself a hot house flower. I guess you could now say the same for me, but I really admire your adaptation to the cold Bonnie. Stay warm and snuggle with Oliver until the Baker gets home. In the islands, when it's cold they call snuggling "a side blanket."

  13. I've lots three comments here from my iPad so it's back to my computer :) Love your winter reads, Bonnie. I have a huge stack of magazines that I have to cull through and give away, photos and slides to scan - which is my big winter project. Love the bunny - makes me wish for Easter which will be here before we know it!

  14. You are working on some good books with this frigid temps. Like you, I am becoming less tolerant of the heat.
    I live in Florida so most of the year is hot (sigh).

    Take care. Happy New Year!


  15. Re Downton: my mother had a drawer full of those long gloves and when she died, my daughter grabbed them all. (Nobody else wanted them!) She actually wears them once in a while.
    We South Floridians hunker down in summer...way too hot to spend much time outside. This time of year is sheer heaven for us. Love your choice of books. I have two book groups that I love; so many times we read books I'd never have discovered on my own. I like that!

  16. Thank you for leaving a comment . . . I celebrate the Packers most especially because of my dad and even more so because I was born in Wisconsin!

  17. I am like you . . . with a huge stack of books to read. How fortunate I am . . .
    I just started reading The Goldfinch and I think it will take me a bit . . .
    I will keep your book titles in my ever growing list . . .


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