Monday, May 18, 2015

Brunch in Newport, RI

No trip to Rhode Island would be complete without my waxing poetic about the food.  This trip there were a few new eateries to try.  It's hard to focus on one but I'll try.  Stefan and Elyssa invited me to brunch at Tallulah's on Thames in Newport.  It was a perfect choice.  Located in a beautiful old building on Thames Street in Newport, the Tallulah team makes one feel special the minute you set foot in the door.  I'm not sure I've had better service in any restaurant anywhere.  Without being intrusive, your every need is met seemingly before you know you need anything.

That beautiful blue sky belied the fact that, closer to the shore (a few blocks away) a heavy fog hung about.  

Steaming cups of excellent coffee and a house-baked biscotti arrived along with the menu.  

This complimentary concoction arrived soon after we made our food selection.  The egg shell held one of the finest scrambled eggs I've ever tasted.  It was laced with herbs and light as air.  As we slowly enjoyed it, Chef Rojas busied himself preparing our entrées.

I had met the chef the day before in Providence where he has a small restaurant a few blocks from the Rhode Island Historic Society.  Tallulah Taco is the place and, oh my, the tacos were wonderful.  We ate them before they could be photographed.  I'll have to go back....and back...!

Here are our choices for brunch.
Each one was beautiful and delicious.

Cured salmon toast
pickled onion/creme fraiche 
quail egg/crispy capers

Sweet potato waffle
foie gras/maple butter
fried chicken/jalapeno jam

Croque Tallulah
avocado/prosciutto/slow egg
gruyere cheese/onion/cilantro

We were deliciously fortified to head out for more "doings" around Newport before heading off to a nearby winery.  We thought we might even catch a glimpse of the Volvo Yacht Race.


  1. The food is almost - almost mind you - too beautiful to contemplate eating.I'm so glad you had a good visit. Mary

  2. Love the name too..and the Bonnie!

  3. i must say the food looks gorgeous.. great shots. the waffle thing looks good, just remove the hot sauce..

  4. Oh my! Everything looked so divine! I love all the fresh seafood available in the New England area --I think I'd eat lobster morning noon and night, but Tallulah's food looks so good!

  5. I am so tempted to print pictures out on these but I know I could never duplicate them. Each dish is a work of art, and the scrambled eggs in the egg shell is darling! I think about all the brown egg shells I throw away from our hens and wonder if I could do that too. Do they just rinse the shell out good, I wonder? And I'm trying to figure out what the shell is standing in when served.

    On second thought, I am going to print the pictures out!

    1. I think they do just rinse out the shells. They are standing in some kind of grain and rice.

  6. Okay, now I want fried chicken and jalapeno jam! All those eats look amazing - I've been all over the East coast, except for Rhode Island and Maine - they are on my bucket list though!

  7. This all looks wonderful! And they even bring you a treat along with the menu. I think we have nothing like this here! I love my peek at the chef and the row of copper pots. Thanks for showing us, I really enjoyed today's post!!

  8. sooo beautiful food Bonnie, look amazing!

  9. Food seems to be yummy. It looks very colorful. Scrambled egg in egg shell looks unique...

  10. Dear Bonnie, What a beautiful and elegant brunch. I am so glad you enjoyed this. I looks outstanding. xoxo Catherine

  11. My what a visual experience as well as the deliciousness of it all. The egg looks amazing too!

  12. It all looks delicious, Bonnie, but especially, the scrambled eggs in the egg shell. It looks like you enjoyed a lot of good meals!

  13. Pure drool worthy!! And, you know I love the name of this spot, too (The Bungalow's "name" was Tallulah). blessings ~ tanna

  14. I''ve not had brunch but I've had dinner…now I want to head back south to Rhode Island.


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