Wednesday, June 17, 2015


As of noon today, we no longer own two homes.  Whew!!
We handed over the keys to a nice young couple with an adorable toddler
and a baby on the way.  The patter of little feet on old wood floors (ninety years to be exact)
makes me happy!

We were very pleased with our realtor.
If any of you live in the area and are thinking of buying or selling,
you'd be wise to choose 
Kathleen Keilman!!

Now, to get back to those boxes so we can play
as we're much closer to Lake Michigan now.


  1. That is really good news, Bonnie. Enjoy your new home and location.

  2. Congratulations and onward to your new home!

  3. Congrats, I know that's a relief:@)

  4. what a relief that must be... owning two homes is a scary thing... so glad a nice young family will enjoy the home.

  5. Hw nice of you to mention your realtor!

  6. Congratulations Bonnie. I love Lake Michigan.

  7. Congratulations Bonnie! I know how happy you must be to have sold your house. All the very best in your new home.

  8. Sounds like you are closer to me . . .
    Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan view of Lake Michigan?


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