Friday, October 9, 2015

Tea at the King Edward Hotel--Toronto Part II

Stefan and Elyssa treated us to a long-standing Toronto social tradition.
Tea at the King Edward Hotel.

The only things we didn't partake of was the 
champagne and sherry.
We had a museum to see later in the afternoon or we would have done so.

Elyssa and I fell in love with this perfect Wedgewood teacup.
It was beautiful without being delicate and generous enough to hold 
more than a sip or two of tea.
We each had our own teapot and could chose from an array of teas.

If you look back up at the menu, you can read about these tasty savories.
From the blini to the velvety deviled egg,
not a crumb was left on my plate.

Then came the sweets!
I managed to enjoy some of most.
Actually, most of most!

The tea, described as being
"designed for the aristocratic palate",
was a culinary highlight of our visit!!

Thank you, dear ones, for such a lovely afternoon.


  1. Like Elyssa, I would have fallen in love with the Wedgewood tea cup and and the high tea as well.

  2. Fun, fun! The Wedgewood cup is so pretty. Tea at a hotel like that is great, relaxing and fun; haven't done that in a long time. It's wonderful that you all experienced it there!

  3. Wow---what a neat thing to do. I love the Wedgewood Teacup also... Gorgeous... AND--that food including desserts... YUM......

    Sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. It looks like a wonderful experience as it says. Good treats and the ambience probably enhanced the tea delight, and that includes family you were with!

  5. What beautiful and fun Bonnie !
    Love the pics :)

  6. What beautiful and fun Bonnie !
    Love the pics :)


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