Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Visiting Our Neighbor to the North--Toronto (Part 1)

We've had some nice visits to Canada.  Other than a very brief visit as a teenager, Toronto had not been a destination.  This was the year to visit this wonderful place.  Public transportation is excellent.  Driving yourself around isn't too bad unless you want to park.  Each of us had an idea of what to do.  On the agenda:  Niagara Falls (Canadian side), the Shoe Museum (yes, shoe) and The Royal Ontario Museum.  We also planned to check out a few restaurants and markets.

Union Station
  The beautiful beaux-arts style building serves 250,000 travelers per day.

Late September provided us with perfect days.
These lovely flowers were everywhere we went,
outside and in the lobby of the 
Royal York Hotel.

We met up with these two for a family vacation.

Stefan and Elyssa



  1. I grew up close to Toronto and do miss all the gorgeous colour this time of year.

  2. great place for a family vacation. i would love to see the shoe museum.

  3. I traveled to Toronto in the eighties, while still in college. I was on a student exchange, and I wish I could say I loved the city, but it was January and possibly the coldest place I'd ever been in my life!

  4. Sounds like you had a great trip:@)

  5. How nice to meet up with your kids in such a beautiful city! Your photos are wonderful. I haven't been in Toronto for years and I'm sure so much has changed.

  6. I have been to Toronto 3 times but not since the 1980's! You probably weren't even born yet - ha!

  7. I never visited Toronto, but my husband made many business trips there over the years. I have been to Niagara Falls--twice--the Canadian side is more beautiful than the American side. Enjoy time with your family, Bonnie!

  8. Never been that far North. Looks
    like fun!

    M : )

  9. Lovely time and treats spent with your family . . .
    Wedgewood, Eggs Benedict, Tea . . . and more . . .
    (Thank you for visiting me at Irish Garden House and for your kind comment.)


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